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Last updated 2017–09–03

The page numbers refer to the U.S. first edition of How Emotions are Made.

Errata in the main text

Chapter Page Location Correction
1 13 Third complete paragraph, at the following text:
"an African tribe, the Minangkabau"
The text should be:
"an Indonesian tribe, the Minangkabau"
2 29 First two lines, at the following text:
"twelve equally spaced pitches: the equal-tempered scale codified by Johann Sebastian Bach in the seventeenth century"
The text should be:
"twelve equally spaced pitches, an arrangement known as the twelve tone equal-tempered scale."
3 51 First paragraph, at the following text:
"ancient Greeks and Romans"
and this text:
"Latin or Ancient Greek"
The first text should be:
"ancient Romans"
and the second text should be:
7 133 First complete paragraph, at the following text:
"without color concepts,"
The text should be:
"without color and sound concepts,"
7 145 Figure 7-2 (Rainbow drawings) [The text in the book is correct, but some readers have asked questions about it, so here is a clarifying note.]

If you live in certain Western countries, you may have been taught that rainbows have seven stripes, not six, with Indigo inserted in between Blue and Violet. Nevertheless, Russian culture divides the spectrum into different color categories, as described.

10 205 Second complete paragraph, at the following text:
"the agony of pushing a thirty-five-centimeter head through a ten-centimeter cervix."
[The text in the book is correct, but some readers have asked questions about it, so here is a clarifying note.]

Technically, the head measurement is circumference and the cervix measurement is diameter, but the point still stands. (10 cm diameter = 31.4 cm circumference.)

11 226 First incomplete paragraph. "Madeline'" should be spelled "Madeleine"

Errata in references, endnotes, and index

Chapter Page Location Correction
Bibliography 326 This reference:
Bourassa-Perron, Cynthia. 2011. The Brain and Emotional Intelligence: New Insights. Florence, MA: More Than Sound.
The author should be:
Goleman, Daniel.
instead of "Bourassa-Perron, Cynthia."
Bibliography 332 This reference:
Dunfield, Kristen, Valerie A. Kuhlmeier, Laura O’Connell, and Elizabeth Kelley. 2011. “Examining the Diversity of Prosocial Behavior: Helping, Sharing, and Comforting in Infancy.” Infancy 16 (3): 227–247.
The text should be:
Dunfield, Kristen A. and Valerie A. Kuhlmeier. 2013. "Classifying Prosocial Behavior: Children's Responses to Instrumental Need, Emotional Distress, and Material Desire." Child Development, 84 (5): 1766–1776.
Bibliography 332 This reference:
Einstein, Albert, Leopold Infeld, and Banesh Hoffmann. 1938. “The Gravitational Equations and the Problem of Motion.” Annals of Mathematics 39 (1): 65–100.
The text should be:
Einstein, Albert and Leopold Infeld. 1938. Evolution of Physics. Cambridge, United Kingdom: Cambridge University Press.
Bibliography 337 Just before the reference:
Greene, Brian. 2007.
Insert this reference:
Gray, Henry. 1989. Gray’s Anatomy, 37th edition, edited by Peter L. Williams, Henry Gray, Lawrence H. Bannister, M. Dyson, and Richard M. Warwick. New York: Churchill Livingstone.
Bibliography 340 This reference:
Jamieson, Jeremy P., Aaron Altose, Brett J. Peters, and Emily Greenwood. [...]
The order of the names should be:
Jamieson, Jeremy P., Brett J. Peters, Emily Greenwood, and Aaron Altose. [...]
Bibliography 357 This reference:
Simon, Herbert A. 1991. ...
The year should be 1962.
Bibliography 360 This reference:
Tassinary, Louis G., John T. Cacioppo, and Eric J. Vanman. 2007. ...
This entire reference should be deleted.
Notes 367 Ednnote 4 (chapter 1), at the following text:
Tassinary et al. 2007
The text should be:
Gray 1989, 165–176, 570–580.
Notes 383 Endnote 5 (chapter 7), at the following text:
Einstein et al. 1938, 33
The text should be:
Einstein and Infeld 1938, 33.
Notes 389 Endnote 11 (chapter 9), at the following text:
Bourassa-Perron 2011
The text should be:
Goleman 2011
Notes 403 Endnote 38 (chapter 12), at the following text:
Dunfield et al. 2011
The text should be:
Dunfield and Kuhlmeier 2013
Notes 405 Endnote 6 (chapter 13), at the following text:
Simon 1991
The text should be:
Simon 1962
Index 410 Index entry:
Albright, Madeline
"Madeline" should be spelled "Madeleine"